A. Beauford

About Me


The Woman Behind the Lens

About Me Sections are probably one of the most awkwardest things I’ve ever had to do in my life. I’ll try to make this a little interesting!


A.Beauford Photography

Founded in 2016, A. Beauford Photography offers photography services throughout the Chicagoland area, specializing in lifestyle and wedding photography.

I didn’t always know I wanted to be a photographer but it makes sense looking back. I’ve always had a camera of some kind in my hand since I was kid. I equally loved, and still do, being in front and behind the lens. From failing miserably in film photography in high school, to falling in love with my first Nikon DSLR (thanks to my stepdad) my journey has been a combination of learning and relearning the camera and all that comes with it. I’m a hybrid between self-taught and officially trained and I take in all knowledge, all the time when it comes to my photography.


Fun Facts

  • I love God, you don’t love God? I do though and I love people.

  • I love pizza, it’s my favorite food. You can probably bribe me with pizza, FYI.

  • I love sports, watching them is cool but I love playing them! Also go Steelers!

  • I colored my hair, like all of it for the first time. And I love it! Shout out to THEE CariJayy for the slayage.

  • Left handed, so don’t hesitate to send me some random love on August 13

About Alexis

I’m silly, ambitious, and a not too bad singer or dancer. My business is me and I am my business so the same values and principles I hold dear to me are also dear to my brand. We love people, we love love and most importantly, we never miss an opportunity to uplift a fellow person to bring out their best selves in front of the lens as well as in their everyday lives!